Books, shows, and music of the moment

Read, Look, Listen is a new series I’m starting where I talk about what I’ve been watching, reading, and/or listening to recently and maybe you’ll find something that interest you to, so let’s get right into it shall we …

ReadCostco gets me every time with their vast selection of pretty much anything you’d want and on a recent trip I came across Mississippi Blood by Greg Isles. I’m only a few pages in, but it’s so good thus far. It follows the story of southern lawyer Penn Cage and his father, Dr. Tom Cage, while the latter is on trial for the murder of his former African American mistress at the hands of their love child. This is the last in a trilogy, so I’m debating stopping where I am in the book to pick up the other two, Natchez Burning and The Bone Tree, and start from the beginning.

Look – There are actually quite a few shows the beau and I have been binge watching lately, but the Handmaiden’s Tale has me excited to watch and mad while I am all at the same time. I binged the first 3 episodes Hulu released and it’s just been one every Wednesday since then … I’m okay with that, but I do wish I could see it all at one time. Based on the Margaret Atwood novel of the same name, it follows the story of Offred as she takes us through the totalitarian society of what was formally the United States. Birthrates have dropped and the few women who can still get pregnant are being forced into slavery and having children for the commanders of the society.

Listen – Lately, I haven’t been able to get Selena Gomez’s new single Bad Liar out of my head and while, generally, I’m not a huge Selena fan, I do love this song and how out of the box it is for her or just in comparison to anything else that’s on the radio right now in general.

In the comments, tell me some good things you’ve been reading, watching, or listening to lately.