Why I Left My Instagram Pods

I know what you’re thinking, SHADOW BAN!! Nope, that’s not it. Here are the 3 reasons I decided to leave my Instagram Pods behind:

Forced Engagement with accounts that I’m not particularly interested in. As much as I love my feed, I know everyone won’t be interested in it and that’s okay, we’re all entitled to our own taste. For that reason, I don’t really like the idea of “forcing” my feed on someone who may have zero interest in what I’m showing. One of my first pods had a large number of photographers in it and this one photographer in particular must have LIVED on Instagram because they had a habit of updating the group AT MINIMUM 5 times a day with new post they wanted engagement on … I don’t know about you, but I don’t have time for that. Not only was there the constant engagement issue, there was the …

Forced Following of accounts I likely wouldn’t have followed otherwise. The problem with following accounts that are of no interest to you is they become part of what you see in your feed and eventually end up burying the accounts you actually do want to see. There are accounts I was following … that I totally forgot I followed … and LOVE, but didn’t ever see because of other accounts I didn’t even particularly like, but HAD to follow as part of the pod rules. If you broke the pod rules you had to deal with …

Pod Police calling you out and giving “warnings” if you miss some likes or follows. Now don’t get me wrong, I understand the purpose of the pods is to grow your likes and comments, which in turn boost your engagement, but if I’m not jumping into the group and promoting my own new post for all to like or comment … or let’s even pretend I’m taking a social media breather … I don’t want someone scolding me for not still going in and liking/commenting on everyone else’s post … everyone needs a break every now and again.

Instagram pods can be great if you are selective and become part of the right ones for you. Ultimately, the original pods I chose weren’t a good fit for me, so I left them in search of a more organically built audience. I want followers to WANT to see my post and engage with me via the comments, a quick message, or an email. I don’t want to feel like people are MADE to follow my account and like my images … leaves me feeling like I’m cheating in a way.

For me, finding communities such as Facebook groups and Style Collective were great resources because I was able to build organic relationships with likeminded individuals who had the choice in following and engaging on my feed and blog. If a pod is built there, it’s with individuals you actually are interested in and it’s more of a way to make sure their images don’t get lost in the crowd. I’m fine with my smaller following, compared to many other bloggers and influencers, because I know that my following is an organically built community of individuals invested in my current events and that’s good enough for me … slow and steady wins the race after all.