5 ways I'm getting my sexy back this summer

Most people are on a mission to lose weight and get themselves bikini ready for the summer, but this past year has been so crazy, with my schedule so hectic, that getting “summer ready” was the last thing on my mind. Actually, let me rewind, I’ve never focused on getting “summer ready” because I can’t swim, my tan is already on point leaving no interest in burning up poolside, and I never really understood standing around in the pool “just ‘cause” … not due to the pee likely in there, but mainly I think about the possibility of slipping, falling, and drowning because I was trying to look cute (insert major side eye emoji).

This particular year, I’ve had quite a noticeable amount of weight gain … due to an issue that I’m sure I’ll address at some point on the blog … which was a good thing at first because I had been a size 0 for a decade and a half almost and really wanted a little extra booty and thighs … to put it in perspective, V is a size 0 … but now it’s just a little more going on than necessary. With the ending of the school year, I can devote more time to myself, going back to jogging in the mornings and working out on lunch time … you know, getting myself autumn ready for cute sweaters and thigh high boots that don’t cut off my circulation.

Technically, yesterday was day one with the nutrition and today starts day one with the exercise, which leads me to the 5 ways I’ll be getting my sexy back this summer:

Up-ing my water intake: I don’t drink nearly enough water, in fact, the only time I can seem to get into drinking it is when I’m blazing hot or have been working out and feel like I’m going to die without. To trick my mind into thinking it’s something yummier than it is, I’ll be using various flavored waters and incorporating fruits, veggies, and herbs into the mix … anything to get me from my current 8 ounces to 96 ounces.

More thoughtful food selections: In an attempt to get my mind out of the junk food mood I’ve trained it to be in over the past few months, I’ll be cutting out all pre=packaged goodies, fast food, and for the
first week, anything other than protein – the struggle is already real on that one because I’m not huge meat fan and I’ve been told peanut butter is considered junk, even if I make it myself … sad face.

Cardio: This one I was already doing with trying to take the stairs whenever possible and getting in, at least, a 30 minute walk in the mornings, but I’m going to switch it up a bit and throw in more jogging/running, especially since V and I are supposed to be training for the Disney Princess 10K coming up in February.

Weight training: At my day job, we are lucky enough to be provided with a full gym AND 2 personal trainers, so I will finally be taking advantage of that and working out with one during my lunch break. I’m excited at the thought of not only eliminating excess fat, but converting the remaining into just enough muscle tone to look great and make me strong in the process.

Fun gym attire: Maybe it’s just me, but something about cute workout clothes … hello Athleta … and fun shoes excites me to workout. I love the pants with the mesh cut outs that seem to be trending lately along with shirts that have a cut out in the back that exposes just enough to keep cool, but not too much that my “rolls” are hanging out for everyone to see … I don’t think you’re ready for that jelly.