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It’s official, I’m going to Blogher 17 in Orlando! It was something I was debating, but had decided to put off until next year (along with Mom 2.0) when I was randomly selected to receive comp tickets from the ever giving Style Collective community I am a part of. Seriously guys, I can’t say enough good things about this community and how amazing it has been for me throughout my blogging journey.

It’s been a bit of a whirlwind since finding out about the comp ticket and being the planner (and forgetter) I am, I’ve been jotting notes down everywhere of things I don’t want to forget to do. Here are a few ways I’m making sure I’m fully prepared for the 22nd.

Ordering Business Cards – with all the many bloggers and brands who will be in attendance, business cards are a MUST. I’m definitely excited about meeting with brands, putting faces to companies, and leaving lasting impressions, but I’m a bit more excited to meet bloggers I’ve been conversing with online for the past few months. As bloggers, you always hear about collaborating with other bloggers and that just seems so much more authentic when you’ve actually spent time with the other person.

Updating My “About” Page – This is actually something I’ve been planning to do for a few weeks now, but still hadn’t managed to get around to … really bad, I know. I don’t dislike my current about page, I just want to add some things to it to enhance it such as a clear image of myself and links to some of my more popular post.

Completing Social Profiles – Social networks I already have the hang of are already complete, such as Instagram, but for the ones I’m just now getting more active on, such as Facebook and Twitter, I know could use a little more information. I’ll be putting my social media information on my business cards, so they definitely need to be complete and up to date.

Downloading the Blogger 17 App – With SO many options to choose from and places to go, this excites.my.life! It was just announced this morning and so up my alley in terms of keeping on track without having to constantly refer back to my paper agenda.

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If you’re going to Blogher, what are some things you’re doing to prepare?